Audien hearing aids, reviewed by audiologists

Are you in the market for a hearing aid? Our audiologists weigh in on Audien’s devices, including the pros and cons, and which models they recommend to specific people.

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Hearing aids are vital to people with hearing loss. Nearly 29 million adults in the U.S. could benefit from using these devices, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Unfortunately, the high cost of hearing aid devices can be a barrier.

Over-the-counter hearing aids can run people $100 to $900 per device, while prescription ones can cost $1,000 to $3,000 per ear. Audien is a brand that some consider a “discount hearing aid company,” offering these vital devices at affordable prices.

Available over-the-counter, Audien does not require a hearing test and the brand’s hearing aids are usable out of the box. These devices are suited for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, as all over-the-counter hearing aids are under the Food & Drug Administration’s regulations.

Audien hearing aid reviews

Our audiologists provided insights on some of Audien’s most popular models, the Audien Atom 2, Audien Atom Pro 2, and the Audien Behind-the-Ear.

These reviews can help you determine which of the brand’s devices might best suit your hearing loss needs.

Audien Atom 2 review

Audien Atom 2

The Atom 2 is 28% smaller than the original and has a contoured design that promises to provide all-day comfort.

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At $189 per pair, the Audien Atom is on the low end of the typical overall price range for an OTC hearing aid.

Unlike other OTC devices, the Audien Atom 2 doesn’t provide many customization options, like colors, to make it more discreet. However, it is small — nearly 30% smaller than its predecessor. Moreover, the contoured design can be molded to fit your specific ears, improving comfort.

Four different hearing modes help users hear in various settings, like the TV, conversations, or ordering at restaurants. Restaurants often have background noise, but Audien Atom’s background noise cancellation can reduce its effects, and a new A2 chip enhances sound quality.

However, it’s not technologically advanced, and there is no Bluetooth connectivity available, which is a drawback for those hoping to stream content or phone calls through their device. Other OTC Bluetooth hearing aids offer this feature.

The Audien Atom uses rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need to repurchase disposable ones constantly. However, people with dexterity issues may have challenges

Criteria Audien Atom 2
Price Range $189
Style Completely in Canal (CIC)
Battery Type Rechargeable
Bluetooth capabilities? No
Warranty Limited one-year warranty for defective devices; 45-day return policy (An audiologist may offer one for 1-3 years)
App supported No
Hearing loss Mild to moderate


Pros and cons of Audien Atom 2 model hearing aids

Pros Cons
Available over-the-counter No Bluetooth connectivity
Easily accessible online No advanced features
No hearing test is required Will not receive devices customized to their hearing loss
Rechargeable batteries and a straightforward changing case are included. It only lasts 24 hours on a single charge.
Hearing modes allow users to switch based on setting A 45-day return policy


What our audiologists say about the Audien Atom 2

Our audiologists agree that rechargeable batteries are a convenient feature that can save users time and money. The portable charging case adds to the ease. However, they have issues with the lack of customization. There’s only one color option and three size tips — people with smaller ears will have trouble with fit. Settings can’t be personalized.


Who are Audien Atom 2 model hearing aids ideal for?

Audien Atom 2 models are best suited for people who want a cost-conscious, discreet, and over-the-counter hearing aid. They are only suited for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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Audien Atom Pro 2 review

Audien Atom Pro 2

The Atom Pro 2 is 15% smaller than the Atom 2 and has background noise cancellation to help focus on the sounds that matter to you.

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The Audien Atom Pro 2 has the same features as the Atom 2 and is also a completely in-canal model. However, it’s 15% smaller, making it even more discreet. It also has background noise cancellation, allowing the user to hone in on the most important sounds to them.

At $289, it’s only $100 more expensive than the Atom 2 and remains at the low end of devices on the OTC hearing aid market. Rechargeable batteries are another cost saver, and the Atom Pro 2 comes with a charging case. The batteries last around 24 hours on a single charge.

The Audien Atom Pro 2 does not have additional features like advanced technology or even those that are standard for hearing aids, including on the OTC market. For instance, there’s no Bluetooth connectivity, nor can you adjust volume control settings in an app.

Criteria The Audien Atom Pro 2
Price Range $289
Style Completely in Canal (CIC)
Battery Type Rechargeable
Bluetooth capabilities? No
Warranty Limited one-year warranty for defective devices; 45-day return policy (An audiologist may offer one for 1-3 years)
App supported No
Hearing loss Mild to moderate


Pros and cons of Audien Atom Pro 2 hearing aids

Pros Cons
Available over-the-counter No advanced features
Can be purchased online One color
15% smaller than the Atom model May trial and error while fine-tuning settings
Background noise cancellation A rechargeable battery only lasts 24 hours
Price 45-day return policy


What our audiologists say about the Audien Atom Pro 2

Our audiologists offered mixed opinions on the discreteness and comfortable fit of the Audien Atom Pro 2. Dr. Ruth Reisman, AuD noted that it’s smaller than Audien’s behind-the-ear model. However, Drs. Jessica Hinson and Danielle K. Morgan note that the BTE’s eight different dome sizes offer a better chance of comfort.


Who are Audien Atom Pro 2 hearing aids ideal for?

The affordable price and rechargeable batteries make the Audien Atom Pro 2 hearing aids a good first OTC model for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They may also help with background noise reduction. However, the sound quality may make you shop around for a different, albeit more expensive, model from another brand.

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Audien Behind-The-Ear hearing aid review

Audien Behind-The-Ear

While most BTE hearing aids are more noticeable than CIC counterparts, our audiologists say the opposite about Audien’s lineup.

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Audien broke the mold with its behind-the-ear hearing aid in a few ways. It’s more expensive (at $489) than its more discreet, completely in-canal counterparts. Moreover, it may be more discreet.

Audien’s BTE model uses an A2 max chip to provide clearer sound, reduce background noise, and help you focus on the sounds you need and want to hear. Eight ear dome sizes enhance the chances of finding a good fit, plus all-day comfort.

The BTE model also comes with rechargeable batteries, typically lasting 20 or more hours on a single charge. The devices use wireless charging. However, other OTC brands have models that offer a longer battery life.

Criteria The Audien BTE
Price Range $489
Style Behind-the-ear (BTE)
Battery Type Rechargeable
Bluetooth capabilities? No
Warranty Limited one-year warranty for defective devices; 45-day return policy (An audiologist may offer one for 1-3 years)
App supported No
Hearing loss Mild to moderate


Pros and cons of Audien BTE hearing aids

Pros Cons
Available over-the-counter No Bluetooth streaming
Eight different dome sizes increase the chances of a proper fit and comfort One color
Some noise reduction Lacks the benefit of personalized care with an audiologist
No hearing test is required A rechargeable battery may only last 20 hours on a single charge
Price 45-day return policy for a full refund


What our audiologists say about the Audien BTE

Drs. Jessica Hinson and Danielle K. Morgan noted that the BTE’s eight different dome sizes offer a better chance of comfort, plus discreteness. Dr. Hinson mentioned that the charging station is streamlined for the BTE, potentially making it accessible for people with poor dexterity. Conversely, other adjustments require a small screwdriver (the company provides one) or the need to push and hold a button, which could be an issue for these hearing aid users.


Who are Audien BTE hearing aids ideal for?

Audien BTE may be a good starter hearing aid for someone with mild hearing loss. Its discreet design and simplistic charging station make it a potentially solid fit.

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Comparing Audien hearing aid models

Model Style Type of hearing loss Price
Audien Atom 2 CIC Mild to moderate $189
Audien Atom Pro 2 CIC Mild to moderate $289
Audien BTE BTE Mild to moderate $489


3 key takeaways

  • Audien makes some of the most affordable hearing aids — Even OTC hearing aids can creep toward the $ 1,000 price tag, but Audien models can be purchased for under $500 per pair.
  • Special — and standard — features are unavailable — Bluetooth streaming and the ability to adjust volume settings via a smartphone app aren’t supported with Audien devices.
  • There’s a 45-day money-back guarantee — You can return your device for a full refund within 45 days. After that, there’s a limited one-year warranty for defective devices.

Hearing aid vs hearing amplifier

The Audien official website refers to the devices as hearing aids. However, Dr. Morgan says they’re amplifiers. What’s the difference?

  • Hearing aid. A hearing aid is a small electronic device with a microphone and an amplifier. They are FDA-regulated.
  • Hearing amplifiers. These devices are for people who do not have diagnosable hearing loss but need some help hearing sounds at a higher volume in some situations, like birdwatching. They are not FDA-regulated.

Dr. Hinson notes it is a gray area. Companies can register a device with the FDA as a hearing aid, and Audien did that with the Atom. So, though Audien’s devices are registered as hearing aids, they act more as amplifiers.

To determine whether you have mild to moderate hearing loss and would be a good fit for Audien devices, we recommend taking a free online hearing test to see if you may benefit from OTC devices.

If you have any questions or concerns, discuss your needs with a licensed audiologist.

What our audiologists say about Audien hearing aids

jessica hinson

Dr. Jessica Hinson
“Overall, Audien is a very cost-efficient economy hearing device geared towards those with mild hearing loss. I wouldn’t recommend them for noise reduction or speech clarity functions, considering the devices do not take your hearing test into account. However, they could be a good option for those who simply need a little volume. Unless you have large, straight ear canals, I would not recommend the Atom but would steer you towards the BTE model. The charging station is straightforward, which is great for those with poor dexterity who hate to change batteries weekly. However, to make adjustments to your Audien devices, you’ll have to use a small screwdriver or learn the push-and-hold button functionality.”

Dr. Ruth Reisman
“This can be a good introductory OTC device for patients, but I anticipate most patients will not like the sound quality or the feeling of something completely in the ear. Thankfully, they have a 45-day trial period with the option to return the device if needed.”

Dr. Danielle Morgan
“Audien markets themselves as hearing aids. However, these are really just amplifiers. They have an in-the-ear and behind-the-ear model, both of which are rechargeable. Unfortunately, these cannot be programmed to a hearing test and have no way to even apply app-based hearing screening results, like many other OTC models. They lack Bluetooth capabilities, which are the standard for most hearing instruments. I would not recommend these to patients. They are also very misleading in how they advertise their instruments are suitable for all types of hearing loss.”

What customers say about Audien hearing aids

Audien customers say their favorite feature is…

Unsurprisingly, customers are most satisfied with the price point, saying Audien offers the most affordable hearing aids on the market. Positive reviews for these devices said they provided assistance for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, amplifying sounds that were important to them.

Audien customers say their least favorite feature is…

Previous buyers say the sound quality isn’t what they hoped for. Among the issues are feedback, background noise, and simply not amplifying important sounds loudly enough.

Are Audien hearing aids for me?

Audien hearing aids may help people with mild to moderate hearing loss better hear the sounds that are important to them. They’re available over the counter, which makes them easy to access.

Unlike prescription-grade — and even many OTC devices — Audien hearing aids are under $500. Rechargeable batteries add convenience, though the 20 to 24-hour battery life is not as long as what other hearing aid brands provide.

Additionally, Audien hearing aids don’t have options for customization, like color, advanced technology, or even standard features like Bluetooth. Changing settings requires a screwdriver.

Customer service

Customer service received mixed reviews. While some said they were satisfied with the help they received — including getting a full refund after 45 days —many were unimpressed. Some reviews noted concerns about not receiving a timely response to issues and helping getting their money back.

The pros of Audien hearing aids

  1. Over the counter
  2. Affordable
  3. Rechargeable battery
  4. No hearing test is required

The cons of Audien hearing aids

  1. Poor sound quality
  2. 20-hour battery life
  3. Adjustments require screwdriver
  4. No Bluetooth capabilities

Some quick facts about Audien hearing aids

Founded less than 10 years ago, Audien is one of the newest hearing aid brands on the market.

  1. Arthur Garber founded Audien. His inspiration? Issues finding affordable hearing aids for his grandmother. He found hearing aid prices far greater than the cost of producing the devices and wanted to change that.
  2. Audien was started in 2016. The company is still relatively new. Compare it to a brand like Oticon, which was founded in 1904.
  3. Audien makes some of the most affordable hearing aids. Audien devices cost under $500 per pair. OTC brands generally cost $300 to $3000 per pair, depending on the brand and advanced features like technology.
  4. Audien’s marketing is controversial. Though affordable, audiologists and reviewers cite quality issues with Audien devices. Audien also markets some devices to treat “all types of hearing loss,” when OTC models can only be geared toward people with mild to moderate loss, according to the Food & Drug Administration.

Audien hearing aid accessories

In addition to the devices themselves, users might be interested in accessories to enhance their experience with Audien hearing aids.

  • Audien hearing accessory pack. This pack includes a screwdriver, replacement earbuds, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, and eight wax guards. ($12)
  • Atom Pro charger + case. The kit comes with a portable charging cable, Atom Pro charging case, and power block. ($24)
  • Atom charger + dock. Made for the Atom model, the set comes with a charging cable, dock, and block. ($14)
  • Atom ear relief. These drops mix peppermint oil and aloe vera, and Audien says they can help relieve soreness that comes from wearing a hearing aid all day. However, Dr. Hinson says soreness isn’t common if the hearing aid fits and is used correctly, and using essential oil on the skin can alter the natural skin and oil production in the ear.

Audien vs. other hearing aid brands

Brand Average retail price per pair Styles Rechargeable batteries? Degrees of hearing loss OTC or prescription
Audien $323 BTE, CIC All models Mild to moderate OTC
Jabra Enhance $800 ITC All models Mild to moderate OTC
Signia $3,000-$4000 IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, RIC, and BTE Select models Mild to profound, plus single-sided deafness Prescription
Lexie $799 RIC, BTE Select models Mild to moderate OTC

Why trust

When figuring out how to choose a hearing aid, you’ll want advice you can trust. Our board of audiologists reviewed Audien’s portfolio of devices and discussed some of the brand’s most popular models.

Price is a selling point for Audien, and they discussed that. They also evaluated each model in the following categories:

  • Cost. Price is relative, and not everyone has a flexible budget. Hearing aids are expensive. Audiologists discussed the price of Audien hearing aids, including what the cost covers, like warranty duration, to help you make the best decision for your budget.
  • Battery. Rechargeable batteries can be less costly and time-consuming to change. However, people with limited dexterity can find them challenging.
  • Customer service. Customer service and ongoing support can play a critical role in user experience, especially when troubleshooting. How much access do you have to knowledgeable Audien hearing experts? Is live chat available? What about a smartphone app? Do customer service reps respond quickly to email messages?
  • Customization. There’s no one-size-fits-all hearing aid — literally or figuratively. Your hearing needs, ear size, and technology preferences are unique to you. Colors, the ability to adjust volume settings in a smartphone app, and Bluetooth connectivity are important to some people (and not others).
  • Do our audiologists recommend it? Dr. Reisman, Dr. Hinson, and Dr. Morgan reviewed each Audien hearing aid and gave their authentic opinions as licensed audiologists. They shared their personal experiences with Audien hearing aids and discussed which ones would be the best choice for specific users.

Frequently asked questions

Are Audien hearing aids legit? 

There seems to be a bit of controversy around Audien since they don’t take into account any official hearing test before you buy them. Addressing this head-on can be beneficial.

Where can I buy Audien hearing aids? 

You can purchase Audien hearing aids on the brand’s official website,

Is Audien FDA-approved?

Audien is not FDA-approved. However, its Atom models (Atom Pro and Atom 2) are FDA-registered.

What is the cost of an Audien hearing aid?

The Audien Atom 2 costs $189, while the Atom Pro 2 is $289. A behind-the-ear model retails for $489.

Is Audien a hearing aid or amplifier?

Audien is marketed as a hearing aid. Unlike most traditional hearing aids, people cannot control volume levels on the device or within an app. Instead, they’ll need a small screwdriver.

How long does the Atom Pro battery last? 

The Atom Pro battery typically runs for about 24 hours of use after a single charge.

Is Audien a hearing aid or amplifier?

Audien is marketed as a hearing aid. However, it has some distinctions from most hearing aids on the market. For instance, users can’t access volume control settings on a service or through a smartphone app. The brand provides a small screwdriver. Poor sound quality is another point for previous buyers.