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Widex hearing aids, reviewed by audiologists

Lauded for their ability to help musicians and music enthusiasts, Widex hearing aids are a comfortable, discreet option for patients struggling with hearing loss.

A selection of Widex hearing aids.

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3 key takeaways

  1. Widex hearing aids are a top choice for people with tinnitus — The Widex Zen Tinnitus Management app plays soothing background sounds to help distract from the ringing in your ear(s).
  2. If you’re a music enthusiast or musician, this is your brand — With a higher maximum input level, Widex hearing aids offer high-fidelity music reproduction, helping you hear music more naturally.
  3. Widex might not have the best customer service — Some customers complain that Widex’s customer service team is less responsive and proactive than other hearing aid companies.

Founded in Denmark almost 70 years ago, Widex is one of the giants in the hearing aid industry. Now a part of WS Audiology, it is just one of a suite of cutting-edge devices designed to help people with all levels of hearing loss reinvigorate their hearing health. Before purchasing a prescription hearing aid, you’ll need to visit an audiologist. Be sure to use our Audiologist Explorer to find a local provider.

All prescription hearing aids must meet certain standards before they go on the market. The key differences between prescription hearing aids and less expensive over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are the technology and features each brand offers.

While the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of OTC hearing aids has helped provide relief and affordable devices to patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, those with more severe or profound hearing loss must rely on prescription devices.

Some quick facts about Widex hearing aids

What started as a two-person company nearly 70 years ago has blossomed into a world-renowned producer of prescription hearing aids for all degrees of hearing loss.  

  1. The company began in one of the founder’s cellars. After leaving hearing aid titan Oticon in 1955, Christian Tøpholm and his partner used the space under his suburban home in Denmark as a development laboratory, workshop, and production hall.
  2. Widex uses sustainable production methods. Widex’s headquarters is completely wind-powered, and the company continuously works to reduce its carbon footprint. The company is a signatory of the United Nations Global Impact, marking its commitment to green energy practices.
  3. A merger with hearing aid giant Sivantos in 2019 formed WS Audiology. WS Audiology also owns other popular hearing aid brands, including Signia and Rexton.

Are Widex prescription hearing aids for me?

Whether it’s a prescription or over-the-counter device, every hearing aid excels in certain areas and struggles in others. And with something as important as your hearing, get what you pay for in function, comfort, and connectivity. Here’s what you may expect from Widex hearing aids:

The pros of Widex hearing aids

  • They’re great for those with tinnitus. Your Widex hearing aid comes with the Widex-Zen Tinnitus Management app, which contains relaxing sounds that help relax the mind and reduce your awareness of tinnitus.
  • Enjoy music again. Many musicians endure noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. In 2013, Widex designed its first hearing aid for musicians, the Widex DREAM. Today, the Widex Moment uses the same technology, a higher maximum input level, to ensure musicians and music enthusiasts can enjoy their art again.
  • They offer clear, natural sounds that fit a variety of needs. Our review board of audiologists all say that patients who use Widex hearing aids reported clear, natural sounds. This is due, in part, to PureSound processing, which has built-in features designed to help users better hear in noisy conditions.

The cons of Widex hearing aids

  • Many of the Moment models are not rechargeable. As of January 2024, only two of the eight available Widex models come with rechargeable batteries.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity can be patchy. Some customers report issues connecting their hearing aids to their phones, especially when they move locations. However, the Widex Moment App, which you may use to connect your hearing to your phone, is highly rated for both Apple and Android users.
  • Like all prescription hearing aids, Widex models are pricey. Unlike over-the-counter hearing aids, prescription hearing aids often require that you pay per device rather than per pair. Widex devices can run anywhere between $1,500 and $3,500 per ear.

Customer service

Your first experience with a Widex hearing aid will likely happen with your audiologist or hearing specialist. However, once you own a Widex hearing aid, the company offers a variety of ways to contact its customer support team should you need to talk through Bluetooth connectivity issues, request a local repair, or ask other questions regarding the functionality of your hearing aid.

Widex has a live chat on its website during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. It also has a team dedicated to Bluetooth connectivity and accessory pairing, plus a document library of  user guides, datasheets, and more, and a page dedicated to helping you perform basic maintenance on your hearing aids.

Models available

Like any major hearing aid manufacturer, Widex offers several models. The Widex Evoke, still listed on Widex’s website, is said to be the first “smart” hearing aid, though it’s been replaced by the Widex Moment, updated with the latest technology.

Widex also sells the Widex Unique and the Widex CROS, a device designed for people with single-sided hearing loss or single-sided deafness (SSD).


Widex Moment

Featuring Bluetooth compatability, unique features, and a discreet appearance, the Widex Moment is our board of audiologists’ recommended model.

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The Widex Moment

Widex manufactures both behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids. We asked our board of audiologists which models they recommended for Bluetooth compatibility, unique or special features, comfort, discreet appearance, and patients suffering from tinnitus.

The majority preferred the Widex Moment and its various configurations. Not only do Widex Moment devices allow users to stream music and phone calls, but they also have tinnitus and music programs. Widex SoundRelax generates changing, soothing tones and meditative chimes to help relax the mind and decrease stress for hearing aid users. Certain Widex Moment models come as receiver-in-the-canal or completely-in-the-canal devices, allowing for a more discreet appearance.


Widex Moment devices range from $1,950 to $3,600 per device, depending on the model. Pricing depends on the features selected and whether you get your hearing aids custom fitted. When you speak with your audiologist or a ZipHearing sales specialist, ask them about the specific price for the type of Widex Moment model you’re seeking.

Note that certain states require that health insurance cover at least some of the cost of a hearing aid. Visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for more information on state insurance mandates for hearing aids.

Let’s take a closer look at the Widex Moment models our audiologists selected.

Criteria Moment sRIC Moment BTE 13 R D Moment CIC
Type of hearing loss Mild to severe hearing loss Mild to profound hearing loss Moderate to moderately severe hearing loss
Warranty 1-4 years, dependent on technology level: 110/220/330/440 1-4 years, dependent on technology level: 110/220/330/440 1-4 years, dependent on technology level: 110/220/330/440
Rechargeable batteries? Yes. Between 16-24 hours on a single charge. Yes. Between 16-24 hours on a single charge. No. Utilizes size 10 batteries lasting 5-7 days per battery.
Bluetooth capabilities? Yes. Connects to iPhone and Android devices for Widex Moment app and audio streaming. Yes. Connects to iPhone and Android devices for Widex Moment app and audio streaming. Yes. Connects to iPhone and Android devices for TONELINK and COM-DEX app. No audio streaming.
Customization options 13 colors, 2 charger options, app for changes on the go 13 colors, 2 charger options, app for changes on the go 3 color options, custom made to your ear canal for a perfect fit, app for changes on the go

What our audiologists say about Widex hearing aids

I would recommend Widex Moment devices for music listeners, or those who struggle with tinnitus. For those concerned about bulkiness or appearance, Widex has expanded their portfolio to offer a smaller behind-the-ear rechargeable model; however, if you want an in-the-ear only hearing device, rechargeability won’t be an option.

Widex is a great option for patients who need a hearing device that not only amplifies sounds in a sophisticated manner, it also helps treat tinnitus with its Zen feature, and restores music enjoyment with the widest frequency response range on the market. Widex also has the shortest processing times on the market and therefore is ideal for any patient that wears a bone conduction or a cochlear implant in the opposite ear.

Dr Danielle Morgan

I have never personally fit Widex hearing aids on a patient, but they have a reputation for being good-quality devices that produce clear, natural sounds. As a provider, I like that Widex has many styles that can fit a variety of patients with differing needs. Although Widex is not a brand I currently work with, I would consider doing so in the future.

What customers say about Widex hearing aids

Customers say their favorite feature is…

The Widex customers we surveyed said that their Widex devices help to amplify sound and filter noise more accurately and effectively than other hearing aids they’ve used in the past. 100% of the Widex users we surveyed said they were satisfied with their purchase and that they would buy Widex hearing aids again. Furthermore, 100% of Widex users in our survey said they believed Widex devices were affordable and that they were very satisfied with their devices’ Bluetooth capabilities.

Customers say their least favorite feature is…

The only common complaint among our Widex survey participants was battery life. While they said they were satisfied with the function of the batteries—meaning they didn’t short out or cause them any problems—they did report that the battery life feels a bit short compared to other brands. Other than that, we found that all our Widex users were quite satisfied with their product.

Frequently asked questions

How long do Widex hearing aids last?

Your Widex hearing aids will likely last between 5 to 8 years, depending on the kind of hearing aid you select. In-the-ear hearing aids typically last around 5 years, while behind-the-ear hearing aids tend to be more durable. The hearing aids’ durability will also depend on how well you care for them.

Are all Widex products rechargeable?

Unfortunately, most Widex hearing aids require disposable batteries. However, the Widex Moment BTE R D and the Widex Moment sRIC come with rechargeable batteries. Those looking for in-the-ear models should set aside some extra money for batteries.

How often should I wear my hearing aids?

You should wear your hearing aids every day while awake. This will help strengthen your auditory reflexes and reduce cognitive overload, which can lead to a happier, healthier life. You will also be able to better understand conversations. People who use their hearing aids regularly tend to see a decrease in anxiety, depression, and isolation.

Does Widex have an over-the-counter hearing aid?

No, all Widex hearing aids are prescription hearing aids. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss and are not ready to commit to a medical-grade hearing device, browse over-the-counter options such as Lexie, Sontro, Jabra Enhance, and more.

Can I stream music to my Widex hearing aids?

Yes! Widex hearing aids allow you to stream music and take calls. Widex hearing aids are a top choice for musicians and music enthusiasts, so if music is your passion, this is definitely a brand worth exploring.