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Costco hearing aids, reviewed by audiologists

By combining convenience and competitive pricing, this big-box store is a top player in the world of hearing health.

An assortment of hearing aids that can be purchased at Costco.

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First opening its doors in 1989, Costco Hearing Aid Centers are now operational at over 754 Costco locations, making it the largest hearing aids retailer in North America.

Costco offers its members:

Working with some of the best brands in hearing aid development, Costco gives shoppers convenience and competitive pricing. You must have a Costco membership to visit a Costco Hearing Aid Center for a free hearing test and consultation with an audiologist.

👉 Use our helpful audiologist explorer tool to find the nearest care in your local area, whether at Costco or another retailer.

Best hearing aids sold at Costco in 2024

Costco Hearing Aid Centers carry top-of-the-line hearing aids at relatively affordable price points. The models we’re reviewing require an appointment at a Costco Hearing Aid Center and are unavailable to buy online.

But if you’re looking for an OTC hearing aid, Costco sells the Lexie B2 online — read our in-depth review of this device from Lexie Hearing.

Our audiologists reviewed Costco’s hearing aids and picked the following devices as their top choices — let’s take a more in-depth look at each of the brands and models available.

  • Jabra Enhance Pro 20: Comfortable and compact
  • Rexton BiCore: Easy to use and discreet
  • Philips HearLink: Reliable hearing devices

Jabra Enhance Pro 20

Jabra Enhance Pro 20

This receiver-in-canal hearing aid allows users to stream content easily, recharge on the go, and answer phone calls by tapping their devices.

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Sold exclusively at Costco, this model is an upgrade from the Jabra Enhance Pro 10 and offers a smaller model size and new connectivity features.

Available in both RIE and microRIE styles, these hearing aids utilize Auracast, a streaming service that allows users to connect to devices in public places via Bluetooth. This cutting-edge feature is the latest in tech and is great for on-the-go users who can connect to devices in airports, at concerts, and a variety of other settings. The Enhance Pro 20 also allows users to answer a phone call by tapping twice on one of the hearing aids.

The Micro RIE model is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid available from Jabra Enhance, meaning it’s discrete and comfortable. This model utilizes four microphones and new technology that helps reduce background noise and allow easy listening in loud environments.
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Criteria Jabra Enhance Pro 20
Price Range Starting at $1,599.99
Warranty 3-year warranty
Battery Type Rechargeable or disposable batteries, depending on the model
Bluetooth capabilities? Connects easily to iOS devices and some Android models for hands-free calling, music streaming, and more
App supported Jabra Enhance Pro app
Styles RIE and Micro RIE
Hearing loss Mild to severe


Pros and cons of Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hearing aids

Pros Cons
Utilized Auracast technology for streaming purposes. Hands-free calling is not compatible with all Android devices.
Included a premium recharging case Potentially long wait times at Costco hearing centers
Tap control capabilities allow users to answer phone calls by tapping their hearing aid. Only available in RIE styles
Small and discrete design Not suitable for those with profound hearing loss


What our audiologists say about the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hearing aids

Dr. Jessica Hinson, AuD sings high praise for the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 and its comfort level and compact size. She rates this model as the most comfortable that Costco Hearing Aid Centers offers patients. Dr. Hinson recommends this model for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Dr. Ruth Reisman, AuD agrees that this Jabra model is among the sleekest offerings at Costco Hearing Aid Centers. She thinks highly of Jabra products, as they undergo significant research in their development phase, specifically to improve function in noise.


Who are the Jabra Enhance Pro 20s ideal for?

This model is a great option for those who prioritize comfort and want a small, light hearing aid for everyday use. Apple iPhone and iPad users will get the most out of the Jabra Enhance Pro 20’s hands-free and Bluetooth capabilities.

Rexton BiCore

A Rexton BiCore BTE hearing aid on a transparent background.
Rexton BiCore

With several styles, the BiCore uses cutting-edge technology to adjust to each user’s needs.

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Rexton BiCore hearing aids are named for the Bicore technology they utilize. This is a combination of motion sensors, which determine the user’s environment, and My Voice technology, which differentiates the user’s voice from outside sound. This unique combination of tech allows for natural listening that automatically adjusts to the user’s sound environment.

This hearing aid comes in various styles and sizes, including multiple colors for those seeking a discrete option. Rechargeable BiCore models come with a travel charging case that allows for up to three days of hearing aid use without needing to be plugged in.

Additionally, users have access to follow-up support through the Rexton Assist app by requesting a virtual hearing aid adjustment. This is convenient for any patients who do not live near a Costco Hearing Aid Center.

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Criteria Rexton BiCore
Price Range Starting at $1,499.99
Warranty 3-year warranty
Battery Type Both rechargeable and disposable battery options are available, depending on the model
Bluetooth capabilities? Connects wirelessly to devices, including smart TVs, and phones, and can accept phone calls with hands-free streaming
App supported Rexton Assist
Styles RIC, BTE, CIC
Hearing loss Mild to severe


Pros and cons of Rexton BiCore hearing aids

Pros Cons
Optional tinnitus function Not compatible with all Android devices
Multiple style types and sizes are available Potentially long wait times at Costco hearing centers
Convenient app Must be a Costco member to purchase
Standard charger and travel charger available for rechargeable hearing aids Not suitable for profound hearing loss


What our audiologists say about the Rexton BiCore hearing aids

Dr. Hinson recommends the Rexton BiCore to those suffering from hearing loss. She says the Rexton Assist app is easy to use and convenient. She especially recommends this model for those who prioritize Bluetooth connectivity, since these hearing aids pair easily with iOS and most Android devices.

Dr. Reisman agrees with Dr. Hinson on many of her points, particularly that the Rexton BiCore is easy to use and discrete. She notes that the BiCore SR model is one of her personal favorites, as it sits behind the patient’s ear comfortably, and is equipped with advanced signal processing and Bluetooth capabilities.


Who are the Rexton BiCores ideal for?

The Rexton BiCore has a model for nearly every patient suffering from hearing loss. Dr. Reisman notes that patients who suffer from tinnitus would benefit from this model and its customizable programming options. Patients searching for a rechargeable hearing aid with a long charge will also be pleasantly surprised with the 3-day battery life on some of Rexton’s rechargeable models.

Philips HearLink

Philips HearLink

These durable, high-tech hearing aids provide comfort and ease to those with active lifestyles.

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Philips Hearing Solutions offers users the HearLink, a compact hearing aid that utilizes up-to-date technology at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Available in miniBTE and miniRITE models, these devices are customizable in fit and style. They can be fitted with either a rubber dome or custom-made earmold and are available in six different colors.

Both models are equipped with push buttons that can be programmed so the user can adjust them as needed. HearLinks are quite durable and can even be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. They pair easily with modern iOS and Android devices and utilize AI technology for optimum sound quality. These factors make them a great choice for those who spend lots of time outdoors, exercise, or have a generally active lifestyle.

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Criteria Philips HearLink
Price Range Starting at $1,499.99
Warranty 3-year warranty
Battery Type Disposable and rechargeable batteries are available, depending on the model
Bluetooth capabilities? Yes, connect to your iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. Hands-free calling is available for iOS devices only
App supported HearLink 2
Styles miniRITE, miniBTE
Hearing loss Mild to severe


Pros and cons of Philips HearLink hearing aids

Pros Cons
A rechargeable option for those with severe to profound hearing loss Potentially long wait times at Costco hearing centers
Affordability Must be a Costco member to purchase
Customizable options No CIC or IIC models are available
Easy-to-use Bluetooth capabilities Follow-up consultations and fittings must take place at a Costco Hearing Aid Center.


What our audiologists say about the Philips HearLink hearing aids

Dr. Hinson appreciates the Bluetooth capabilities that HearLink devices offer users. She notes that they can be programmed to pair with multiple devices using the “If This, Then That” (ITTT) Network. ITTT provides convenience by pairing to items such as smart outlets, Alexa, and other devices around the home. Another highlight is the miniRITE model has tinnitus support technology.

Dr. Reisman states that Phillips is a reliable brand, in and out of the hearing health world. She recommends the miniRITE TR model for those who struggle with feedback issues. The receiver and microphones are separated in this model, which reduces the risk of potential feedback.


Who is the Philips HearLink ideal for?

The HearLink models are a great pick for active users who prioritize comfort and tech capabilities. The Bluetooth options along with the app can be utilized for maximum performance. Users can check the Philips website to be sure their device will pair with the HearLink hearing aids before purchase.

Comparing Costco hearing aids

Costco offers a variety of hearing aid styles, from behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-ear (RIE) to completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and in-the-ear (ITE), suitable for anyone with mild to severe hearing loss.

Model Price Is there an OTC alternative? Battery type Level of hearing loss treated
Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Starting at $1,599.99 Yes, other Jabra Enhance devices, like the Jabra Enhance Select 300 and Jabra Enhance 100, are available OTC. Rechargeable or disposable batteries, depending on the model Mild to severe
Rexton BiCore Starting at $1,499.99 No, Rexton BiCore is only available with a prescription. Available to buy online. Both rechargeable and disposable battery options are available, depending on the model Mild to severe
Philips HearLink Starting at $1,499.99 No, Philips HearLink is only available with a prescription. Available to buy online. Disposable and rechargeable batteries are available, depending on the model Mild to severe

Pros & cons of Costco hearing aids

Pros of Costco hearing aids Cons of Costco hearing aids
  1. Affordable prices
  2. High-quality brands
  3. 3-year warranty on hearing aids
  4. Free hearing tests and follow-up appointments, including servicing and maintenance
  1. May experience long wait times
  2. Only one over-the-counter option
  3. Must be a Costco member
  4. Only offer in-person hearing tests by appointment


Costco Hearing Aid Centers

These centers are staffed by certified audiologists and hearing instrument specialists in accordance with state and federal laws. Some Costco locations may have trouble finding qualified staff, especially in rural areas, which buyers should consider.

As noted, all Costco members are eligible for a free hearing screening. This should be scheduled in advance. However, some locations can take patients on a walk-in basis.

Find your nearest Costco Hearing Aid Center and call for more information.

Costco’s free online hearing screening

Costco also offers an online hearing test. This is a free assessment and can be completed at home with a pair of wired headphones. As noted on the webpage, this assessment will not provide the level of detail that would come from an in-person hearing exam.

However, it provides a good starting point for those who want to understand more about their hearing health and if they should schedule an appointment for further examination.

Online hearing tests, like Costco’s free screening, offer a simple assessment of whether an individual has impaired hearing. Depending on your results, these tests may recommend visiting an audiologist for an in-person evaluation or suggest an OTC hearing aid, such as Costco’s Lexie B2 model.

Are Costco hearing tests reliable?

Costco Hearing Aid Center appointments are broken down into 45-minute visits where either an audiologist or a hearing instrument specialist will perform a hearing test.

These are comprehensive hearing tests. However, if they are administered by a hearing instrument specialist rather than an audiologist, they cannot be used for diagnostic purposes.

Costco hearing aid accessories

Each of the hearing aid brands sold at Costco Hearing Aid Centers has compatible accessories designed to work with that hearing aid. Microphones, remote controls, and television transmitters offer users a unique tool to optimize their listening experience.

  • Remote controls. These compact devices allow users to customize their hearing aid options and make quick changes at the touch of a button. Most remotes are small enough to carry on a keychain or fit easily in a pocket.
  • TV transmitters. Transmitters connect the TV audio and stream it directly to the compatible hearing aid. The TV continues to play the audio through the speakers as normal, which allows for easy listening in a group setting.
  • Microphones. These devices are ideal for having one-on-one conversations in a noisy environment. Most mics can be worn or simply placed on a nearby surface. Utilizing Bluetooth, microphones also allow for hands-free calling on compatible hearing aids.

What our audiologists say about Costco hearing aids

jessica hinson

Dr. Jessica Hinson

“If seeking Costco hearing aids or OTC devices, please be aware that the hearing aids are locked and can only be adjusted at a Costco location.”

Dr. Ruth Reisman

“I think all the offerings at Costco could be a good solution for patients with mild to moderately-severe losses. It would come down to the support and programming from the hearing aid specialists.”

What customers say about Costco hearing aids

Customers say they like….

The affordable prices and convenience of the many locations around the country receive high praise from consumers. Additionally, many customers have positive experiences with the staff and those administering the hearing test. Staff across Costco locations are said to be friendly and professional.

Customers don’t like….

Some customers note that they have trouble scheduling appointments at their local Costco Hearing Aid Centers, stating that they have long wait times. Others feel that their hearing health concerns were not properly addressed by the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist during their consultation.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do hearing aids cost at Costco?

Costco members have access to prescription hearing aids at Costco Hearing Aid Centers where prescription models start at $1,499.99. Costco’s OTC hearing aid from Lexie Hearing starts at $829.99.

How to save money buying hearing aids at Costco 

The Costco Hearing Aid Center accepts FSA and HSA funds, which are tax-exempt funds set aside for medical and health purchases. Also consider signing up to receive Costco offers via email for future hearing aid savings.

Can I use insurance to pay for hearing aids at Costco? 

No, Costco Hearing Centers do not accept private insurance.

Can I buy hearing aids at Costco without a membership? 

No, you must have a Costco membership to purchase hearing aids from Costco. Memberships start at $60 annually.

Does Costco hire audiologists? 

Yes, however, not all Costco Hearing Aid Locations are staffed with audiologists. Some locations are staffed by hearing instrument specialists, who receive training but no formal degree.

Does Costco sell Kirkland brand hearing aids? 

Costco used to sell Kirkland Signature KS10 hearing aids by Sonova. However, in 2022 Sonova pulled their products from Costco saying, “the decision to focus the distribution of our Phonak brand with strategic channels and eliminate our offering in certain large retail chains.” Costco no longer sells Kirkland or Phonak branded hearing devices.